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    Price: £75

Backdrop fashion wedding £75 per section

Astonishing concertina walling which is freestanding as it is rolled out in curves therefore due to its honeycomb design it stands up on its own. Although it looks like a paper it is a strong acetate material.

We have 3 sections which magnet together or if standalone they magnet on themselves to create a rounded end.

These are in used condition so not pristine

Height 2.5m  46cm deep Exact lengths to be confirmed (6m plus for each section)

Molo soft collection · flexible design for sustainable living flexible use of space · Enabling a space to suit diverse use over time, throughout the day or over its lifespan, is an inherently sustainable practice. The soft collection requires no tools or additional supports to create freestanding structures, and is easily folded away for storage. Whether for the temporal division of space in a live / work environment, or shaping space for the unpredictable growth of a new business, the soft collection empowers people to change and adapt their space. efficient use of material · By virtue of its honeycomb cell structure, the soft collection makes highly efficient use of its material. A softwall expands in length one hundred times its compressed dimension and can be easily re-compressed for storage or shipping. Light in weight and high in strength, the honeycomb allows the structures to be spontaneously rearranged to transform space. recyclable / responsible materials · The soft collection eschews rigid building materials for more flexible, sustainable alternatives. Both the paper and polyethylene textile used for the soft collection are 100% recyclable. The paper is a careful blend of new and recycled fibres, which bond to form a robust but pliable material. molo is dedicated to pairing these materials with non-toxic fire retardants, adhesives and inks.